Hand Drawing

This sketch is of a luxury sport sedan that I drew in high school. I've always been rather proud of the design, because it seems to draw inspiration from many modern sport sedans, but I had drawn it before the Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide, or many of the other similar cars were introduced.


Hand Drafting

This example is a project from my high school drafting class from probably my sophomore or junior year. This was my first experience designing a house and included plan, elevation, interior and exterior perspective, window and door schedule, roof, and electrical drawings.


This 2-dimensional CAD drawing is an example of a drawing I would submit for final client approval of a bicycle frame at Velo Zephyr. I chose to keep the drawing's dimensioning to a minimum, in order to help the client focus on the important fit-related geometry, and not confuse them with the additional dimensional information required for final fabrication.


Left: CAD models of bicycle aerobar risers. These were later 3D printed using a carbon fiber reinforced PLA plastic filament and permanently integrated into the handlebar underneath layers of carbon fiber fabric and epoxy. The cylindrical sections mate to 0.750" i.d. carbon fiber tubes which can accept interchangeable aerobar extensions attached with a collet closure system originally intended for telescopic trekking poles.

Right: This unusual widget is part of a design for a bicycle stem. What is shown in the model is the negative space at the steerer tube clamp within the stem. Securing the stem to the steerer tube of the fork requires two M6 set screws to be tightened against a wedge-shaped plate with a curved face contacting the steerer.

Keeping in mind that this is a negative of the internal space of the stem, the two hexagonal extrusions would become capture sockets to secure M6 NyLok stainless steel nuts, providing the required threading for the set screws.

Carbon Fiber Fabrication

A few samples of my craftsmanship in carbon fiber. Including (counterclockwise): a track bicycle, carbon saddle, integrated pursuit aerobars, and detail of a custom, ergonomic drop handlebar.

Model Making

Seen here is a conceptual model, made during my level 1 Studio class. The complete scope of the project was a renovation of Boulder's 'Central Park.' This design was to be the basis of a theater at the corner of Broadway Street and Canyon Boulevard.

Graphic Design

Left: This logo was a quick and simple design I produced for my friend's bicycle shop, Boulder Bicycle Studio.


Below: A banner advertisement I created for my business, Velo Zephyr; intended to highlight the custom nature of my bicycle frames, while playing on the idea that mass-produced carbon bicycles are all identical, and lack a unique identity. The banner does not come across on the white background, click on the image to expand with a black background.