Custom Frames

Starting at $4,250

Using an advanced lugless construction method, Velo Zephyr frames are made one at a time, just for you. The frame geometry will start with a perfect fit, mated with a design which will give your Velo Zephyr sublime handling. Then we'll select materials, construction, and lay-up to suit your unique riding style. There is simply no better bike to showcase your individuality and passion for cycling. Contact us today to begin the fit and design process.


Z^2 Handlebars

$200.00 (Round-profile drops/flat bar)
$350.00 (Aero-profile road/track drops)
$400.00 (Aerobars)
+ New Bar & Stem MSRP

A one-piece handlebar and stem gives a level of finish that the finest rides deserve. Quite simply, Velo Zephyr's Z^2 (Z-Squared) Handlebars are stronger, stiffer, lighter, and more aerodynamic than the same bar using a clamped stem. Your bars will be custom made using your favorite model of handlebar, so you won't have to compromise on fit or style.

Custom Build Kits

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Your custom Velo Zephyr deserves only the finest components. Allow us to offer our vast experience and expertise to get you the best possible parts, all at great prices.



Complete Bicycles

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Order a complete bicycle from Velo Zephyr and get great pricing on all the shiny new parts to go with your custom frame.

Custom Projects

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At Velo Zephyr we're always looking for fun and exciting custom projects from our clients. Whether it's for your bicycle, car, airplane, or whatever else, drop us a line to see how we can help bring your project to reality.