Carbon fiber is a remarkable material. It's extremely light, it's stronger than steel, and it has an unlimited fatigue life. But one of the most attractive attributes of this material is how it can be repaired much more easily than other framebuilding materials, such as steel, titanium, and aluminum.

At Velo Zephyr we can repair virtually any type of damage to your carbon fiber bicycle frame; this includes damage to parts of the bicycle which require sensitive alignment, such as dropouts, head tubes, seat tubes, and bottom brackets. Click here for a repair quote.

Scuffs, Chips, Abrasion, and Wear

Starting at $125

Your carbon bicycle frame may not be cracked, but it could have other damage which can compromise the frame's integrity. This type of damage can be the result of a crash, but it can also come from scrapes on trailside rocks, or dings from pebbles and stones kicked up from the road. This type of damage can be the result of abrasive mud, sand, or ice gouging the insides of your chainstays, seatstays, or fork, and can even simply come from an out-of-true wheel with a tire rubbing on the frame.

A little bit of scrapped paint isn't going to cause a bike frame to fail, but exposed carbon fiber is susceptible to damage from exposure to UV light (which is normally reflected by paint or clear coat), so it's important to consider a repair to any damage like this.

If the damaged area is worn through the carbon, has propagating fractures, or has lost it's rigidity; the repair would be considered a cracked tube.

Cracked Tubes

Cracked Seatstay or Chainstay: Starting at $200
Cracked Down Tube, Top Tube, or Seat Tube: Starting at $300
Cracked Head Tube or Tube Junction: Starting at $400

Cracked tubes can be the result of crashes, foreign object impacts, improper use, or even poor design. The most common cracked tubes are crushed or broken seat stays, as well as damaged top tubes where they have been cracked by an impact from the handlebars swinging around.

These prices closely reflect a quote for a medium sized, round tube. Oversize tubes, and heavily shaped tubes (such as airfoils) are likely to result in an increased quote. Cracks which encompass more then 50% of a tube's circumference, or spanning more than 50mm (2 inches) of a tube's length may also constitute and increased quote.

Tube Replacement (Separated Tube)

Seat Stay or Chain Stay Replacement: Starting at $350
Seatmast Replacement: Starting at $350
Down Tube, Top Tube, or Seat Tube Replacement: Starting at $450
Head Tube Replacement: Starting at $600
Bottom Bracket Replacement: Starting at $1,000

Carbon Wheel Repair

By Quote

Repairs to clincher rim beads and carbon braking surfaces are not available.

Special Repair Services

Dropout Replacement: Starting at $600
Water Bottle Cage Boss Repair: By Quote
Cable Stop or Braze-on Repair: By Quote
Total Frame Reconstruction (for frames broken in half): By Quote

Repair Finish Options

UV Protective Finish: Included
Gloss Clear Coat Finish: Starting at $50
Gloss Black Paint: Starting at $100
Gloss Basic Single Color Paint: Starting at $150
Color Matched Finish: By Quote
Color Matched Finish with Graphics: By Quote

Expedited Repairs

Our typical turn around time is 2-4 weeks. Many repairs can be done within 7-10 days for an additional 50% price. Contact us for a quote.