Frame Repairs: Starting at $125
Wheel Repairs: By Quote
Automotive Repairs: By Quote

There's no need to throw away your broken carbon fiber bicycle frame or wheels. With carbon fiber, anything can be fixed; even if your bike is in two pieces. As a custom framebuilder, we're especially well-suited to handle difficult repairs, because we have the tools to build a bike from scratch. So, if you're missing a dropout or have sheared-off your headtube, we can make certain that your bike is repaired and rebuilt with the exacting alignment and tolerances needed to ensure a safe ride for years to come.

3D Printing

Starting at $40
($20 set-up + $20/hr of print time)

At Velo Zephyr, we have hundreds of hours of 3D printing experience under our belt. Let us bring your concept to reality; we've worked with several materials, and experimented with every technique to ensure extremely strong, high quality prints. We can even combine 3D printing with carbon fiber to create amazing, custom parts with incredible strength for functional, structural applications.



Product Design

Starting at: $45/hour

Are you launching a new product, but lack an artist's touch? Or do you have an idea on paper, but don't understand the manufacturing techniques needed to bring it to market? We'd be honored to help you overcome these hurdles.


Bicycles: Starting at $250

Velo Zephyr actually got it's start by repainting a bicycle.




Coming Soon

Whether it's composites, plastic, or metal; we can build it. Automotive, medical, defense, aviation; no matter what the industry or application, you can trust us to deliver quality parts that fit your budget.